9 Amazing Facts About Swarovski Jewelry

Swarovski is often described as one of the most precious crystals today. Whether you want to buy beautiful earrings or rings, you can get Swarovski crystals in any type of jewelry. You can create a special look and match these beautiful pieces of jewelry to elevate any look. These crystals are getting famous globally, and you will find a variety of Swarovski in Dubai as well. Jewelry pieces made from Swarovski can complete any look and help you add that classic and timeless appeal to your outfit. If you are wondering what makes Swarovski so special, listed below are 9 amazing facts about these crystals. Read on to be amazed!

Swarovski Was Crafted in 1892

The Swarovski crystals that are loved and worn by people today were crafted in 1892 by David Swarovski in Austria. He always dreamt about making beautiful diamond-like crystals available for everyone. He wanted to create an affordable diamond option so everyone can wear crystals without budget constraints.

In the year 1892, he opted for a patent license for an electric cutting machine that allowed people to cut crystals more precisely. The process would give better crystals than the ones prepared by hand. After three years of practice, he established the Swarovski Company in Wattens which is known as a small community in the Austrian Alps.

Swarovski in Dubai

These Are Man-made

Diamonds occur naturally, but the Swarovski crystals are made by man. These beautiful pieces are actually crafted from lead glass crystals, sand, quartz, and minerals. These crystals are made of 32% lead. The use of LED is because it helps maximize the refraction in the crystals.

The colors you find in the Swarovski crystals are developed by chemical coatings, but the crystals must be without any impurities, which makes them difficult to produce. The Swarovski gems are crafted with precision, and this is why they are considered a premium choice. They contain no impurities and are very similar to diamonds, making them a perfect choice for a lot of women.

Swarovski Crystals Are Not Actually Crystals          

Although these are considered crystals by everyone. Swarovski is not actually crystals — these are not even considered gems. The Swarovski is created from a type of glass using a complex process.

The Swarovski ones have a higher refractive index as compared to a real crystal, and it is more like a diamond. Aspects such as precision cutting and sparkling polish are what make them stand out in the market, and it is what makes them popular among people.

It Is More Expensive Than Glass

Although Swarovski crystals are made from a special type of glass, they are more expensive than glass crystals. The reason behind that is the manufacturing process. When compared to other types of glass jewelry, Swarovski is made from a very special type of glass crystal.

The high-quality crystals are very uniform in nature and they are the reason behind the amazing clarity of Swarovski gems. This is also why Swarovski crystals need time to manufacture. Since the process is complex and patent, you will get an amazing quality crystal for all jewelry types.

It Was A Highlight at the Oscars in 2018

Swarovski has been used on a variety of things ranging from jewelry to dresses. However, the most highlighted moment of Swarovski was at the Oscars in 2018. From the red carpet to the Oscar stage everything was covered in Swarovski crystals. Around 45 million crystals were used to decorate the sparkling stage.

The entire display took about 3,000 hours, and the whole thing weighed somewhere around 15,000 pounds. Since the Swarovski crystals look just like diamonds, they gave a premium appeal to the stage and managed to become the star of the show.

You Can Tell If Swarovski is Real

If you’re wondering about checking the authenticity of Swarovski Jewelry, then you will find these 8 methods very helpful

  • The crystal must not have any bubbles.
  • All of the facets must point and meet upwards.
  • Each crystal must have an identical cut and size.
  • If your crystals are a part of the same color family, they must look identical.
  • The crystal must not have an oily sheen or scratches on the surface.
  • Only the Swarovski pearls are strung together, and the crystals are sold loose.
  • They must have a shine similar to diamonds 
  • They must be bought from an authorized retailer.

Popular Actresses Wore Swarovski Jewelry

The Swarovski crystals rose to fame when famous actresses started wearing them on screen. Both Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe wore Swarovski on the silver screen. Marilyn Monroe wore the jewelry in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, and Audrey Hepburn wore them in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Although both of these moments are highlighted in Swarovski’s journey. Audrey Hepburn’s famous tiara in the movie made them a desirable choice among women.

It Debuted in Blonde Venus

The Swarovski crystals made their silver screen debut in 1932. The jewelry was worn by Marlene Dietrich in Blonde Venus. It was the first time these crystals were worn on screen. Swarovski was not only featured in a firm of jewelry, but it was a part of costumes as well. The moment marked the first time these crystals were brought to light, and they are still a massive part of jewelry and costumes in both reel and real life.

Swarovski is Easy to Maintain

Swarovski may look and feel like diamonds, but they are very easy to maintain. Unlike real diamonds, you won’t need to get your Swarovski crystals professionally cleaned.  You can care for them on your own. These crystals can be cleaned with a lint-free cloth and warm water. By cleaning them in circular motions you will be able to restore their shine and keep them beautiful for a long time. If you have got some oil on your crystal, you can remove it with dish soap and water. Regular cleaning will keep your Swarovski shining like new every day.

Final Words

Swarovski is among the most popular crystals to be used in both clothing and jewelry. This gem is preferred by a lot of ladies. You can find these crystals in a variety of jewelry pieces ranging from earrings and rings to pendants.

To ensure the best piece for yourself or your loved ones, you will need a trusted retailer. Have a look at the extensive collection offered by Wafiya Jewels. We offer a wide range of Swarovski crystals and jewelry to choose from. You can visit our website to browse our collection or get in touch with our expert team at +971 056 166 9584.

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