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By manifesting a unique set of skill and creativity, Wafiya Jewels enjoys an accomplished reputation for intricate craftsmanship, luxuriant designs and the highest quality standards. From a pure fashion trading company in 1997. Our family developed the business into a retailer of silver, pearl ,diamond jewelry & later Swarovski zirconia silver jewellery.

Wafiya Jewels is the preferred supplier of fine jewelry in the Middle East. Every single gemstone at Wafiya Jewels is weaved meticulously through an in-house process encompassing design, cutting, production and quality control. From handcrafted bridal jewelry to exquisite bridal sets, Wafiya Jewels embodies the finest collections to celebrate every moment of your life. Our clientele consists of highly coveted among customers spread across the Middlei East.

Fakhruddin Husain

Jewelry for a long time

Choose from a wide range of amazing Wafiya jewellery, as adjustable rings, bracelets, necklaces, crystal healing jewellery, amazing earrings and more. Mix and match between our items. At Wafiya Jewels everything goes!


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