How Did We End Up Wearing Silver Jewellery?

Silver jewelry has been linked to luxury for decades. Idioms and sayings are proof that silver is associated with wealth and good luck. Since ancient times, silver was considered an element that not only looks good but contains tremendous healing power as well. This was one of the key reasons why people wear Silver Jewelry. This trend has continued to this day, although the healing power of silver is not proven yet, the jewelry is considered versatile enough to be worn by both men and women.

While men prefer small and discrete pieces such as rings, women choose silver for a variety of accessories ranging from pendants to earrings. The variety of designs is another aspect that has made this jewelry a popular choice. Since the metal offers both aesthetics and affordability, it has become a go-to choice for many women. Be it daily accessorizing or finding pieces for special occasions, women often consider Silver Jewelry because of its look and value. If you are also wondering about silver jewelry, and why it has become popular, then look at some of the top reasons listed below —

Silver Jewelry


When you take care of your Silver Jewelry correctly, it can last a lifetime. Options such as sterling silver have further enhanced the durability of this jewelry, and allow you to keep them in your collection for a long time to come. Although sterling silver costs more than silver, the durability you get will be worth the price. The quality of the piece is enhanced, and you will be able to wear your jewelry for years to come. Also, if you wish to commemorate a special event with a custom-made piece, you can choose silver metal to get both durability and aesthetics. However, to ensure you get the best deal, you must choose a reliable store or jewelry shop.


Any woman who likes to look her best and to stay in trend would definitely consider buying Silver Jewelry. Keeping up with what is on trend can be exhausting at times. Luckily, silver is always in trend. Thus, including silver in your collection would mean you will always look your best regardless of the trend in the market. In addition to trendy styles, silver jewelry can be designed with a range of gemstones. Adding them to your collection means you will have the best pieces on hand to nail every look.

Silver Jewelry

Endless Options

Silver is a relatively soft metal, this makes it easier for jewelers to mold and experiment with. This means, there are regular new designs to choose from. Whether you want to buy a specific pendant, locket, ring, or bracelet, you will have a wide collection to choose from. In addition to being a soft metal, silver is also an affordable metal. Thus, jewelers are always playing with the designs and coming up with new and innovative designs that will allow you to get your style game on point.

Silver Jewelry


Silver Jewelry is appropriate for every occasion, so whether you are looking for a piece to wear daily or on special occasions, you will find something unique in every case. Since silver jewelry is extremely versatile, you can even wear the same piece on different occasions. Silver will add a classy touch to your overall look and enhance it in no time. You will also be able to pair it with other jewelry pieces and create the perfect look for every event. Silver jewelry will go beautifully with white gold, and yellow gold pieces and help you mix and match your style.

Final Words

Silver Jewelry is a perfect way to put your style on display and create the look that you want. The metal has been around forever, and you will find several jewelry pieces perfect for every look. People have been wearing silver for several reasons, affordability and aesthetics are one of them. If you are looking to add some new timeless silver pieces to your collection, have a look at Wafiya Jewels. We offer a wide range of jewelry options to choose from. You will find the perfect piece for yourself or to gift to your loved ones. Browse our website to look at our extensive collection, or get in touch with our expert team at

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