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Online Custom Jewelry Stores

Jewelry is a reflection of your personal style, and custom designs are a way to add a unique touch to your jewelry pieces. At Wafiya, we understand the need to memorialize an event with personalized jewelry pieces, this is why we offer custom designs that are built according to your needs. We are one of the most trusted online custom jewelry stores, and our craftsmen can bring your vision to life. Whether you want to get a custom ring, necklace, or bracelet, our experienced jewelers can develop any design and piece you like. We have been offering these custom services for years and have earned the goodwill of many customers.

At Wafiya, we follow a set process to bring your jewelry to life. You meet with our team of expert designers and show them your inspiration or design. They will research the pattern and share its feasibility with you. After the design is decided, we first create a digital model of your design to ensure you get the correct product. Once you have reviewed the pattern, and you are satisfied we proceed to work on it. You can choose everything about your jewelry. Being one of the most renowned online custom jewelry stores, we have the latest technology to provide you with precise and beautiful custom designs.

Online Custom Jewelry Stores

You not only get to select your favorite patterns but your preferred metals and stones as well. So, if you want to pair white gold with emerald diamond, our craftsmen can get it done for you. The best part of getting custom-made jewelry in Dubai is the ease of the process. You will not have to come down to the store every time. You can simply share the design with our team online and get your personalized piece delivered to your doorstep. Our craftsmen and support team will remain in touch with you to ensure your jewelry piece matches the design you want. At Wafiya, we aim to provide the best custom-made gold jewelry in Dubai to all our customers. Our range includes:

Fully Custom Designs

If your heart is set on a pattern, and you want the same design, don’t worry, we will design it for you! Whether you want a custom necklace for yourself, or a personalized ring for your spouse, our team of designers and craftsmen can help you with your needs. You simply upload the image online, and our team will get back to you with a quote. However, not all designs can be made in every size. Thus, the designers may change a few details to ensure your jewelry piece looks good when it is crafted. They will stay in touch with you and will move forward with crafting once you approve the pattern. This way, you can get the best custom-made jewelry online without going out to the actual store.

Online Custom Jewelry Stores

Customize Your Existing Designs

At Wafiya, we not only assist you in creating a new design from scratch but also offer customization in your existing jewelry pieces. So, if you want to upgrade an existing pattern, our designers can help you with that as well. Whether you want to change the stone or give more definition to the design, our designers will carefully assess the piece of jewelry and offer their expert opinion to you. If you are trying to recreate your family heirloom, our designers can copy the exact pattern and give you a perfectly designed piece that matches your sentimental jewelry. You can get the best custom jewelry online from us and get yourself or your family member the souvenir from the past to love and cherish forever.

Work With Our Designers

At Wafiya, we house some of the most talented designers in the industry. Our craftsmen are capable of reworking or creating any design you like. If you have a vision in your head, you can work with our designers to bring it to life. You meet with them and describe your piece of jewelry, and they will create a model based on your description. Our designers will then show you the model, and after approval, they will craft it with your preferred metal. This way, you will get a truly personalized piece that is straight out of your dreams.

Wafiya is your trusted partner to get custom-made jewelry online. Browse our website to look at our collection, or book your custom jewelry session by getting in touch with our support team at