Zirconia Stones

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Zirconia Stones


Zirconia stones are commonly used as diamond simulants. The base powder used to create cubic zirconia is zirconium dioxide. It looks practically flawless and resembles real diamonds and thus is used as their substitute. The best part is, they are quite inexpensive.


Zirconia Stones


Zirconia stones are usually called “the stone of practicality”. They radiate strong energy that increases clarity and also improves focus. They help in releasing selfishness, ego, and illusions. They are considered to be lucky for the zodiac signs Aries and Taurus. Also, people born in April, consider zirconia as their birthstones.

The best part about Zirconia stones is that even if they are typically clear and colorless, standardized colors can be easily added to make them colorful. They are available in almost any imaginable color. Traces of mineral impurities are added to create different hues.

Zirconia stones have better clarity as compared to diamonds. Being flawless, these appear quite brighter due to light reflection. A DLC film or the Diamond-Like-Carbon film is added for the extra dazzle, and thus, these stones sparkle more.

The weight of the cubic zirconia stones is more than that of diamonds of the same size. For this reason, instead of measuring in carats, they are measured in millimeters.

There are many benefits of zirconia stones. When diamonds mostly cost a fortune, you can save more by going for zirconia stones and getting the same look at a much lower expense. Besides, you can easily go for larger stones and intricate designs without burning a hole in your pocket.


Zirconia Stones


Expensive jewelry also possesses a risk of loss and damage. But zirconia stones, being inexpensive, can be easily worn anywhere without having much to worry about. The fiery brilliance is an additional advantage.

As they come in an array of striking colors, you can easily pair them up with your outfits and color coordinate. This is not the case with diamonds as they neither come in such an array of colors nor can you afford to buy plenty of them just to match with your outfits.

We have a huge collection of loose cubic zirconia stones that come in different sizes. There are packs of twenty, thirty, fifty, and even pure brilliance cut single piece stones are available. You can also go for mixed-color cubic zirconia stones. We have wholesale packs of Swarovski cut zirconia with round cut, square cut, heart classic cuts, pear brilliant-cut, etc. the size usually ranges from 1mm to 8mm.

There are tanzanite colored cubic zirconia stones, aqua cubic zirconia, black cubic zirconia, and lilac cubic zirconia available too. These colored pieces look beautiful and elegant. Besides, we also have square princess zirconia that has been made with sophisticated precision cut technology.

We have a collection of mixed-shaped rainbow cubic zirconia that come in different shapes and sizes. The pack has about seventeen pieces of beautiful gemstones.

Our Zirconia stone products are made in Austria. We adhere to the Gemological Institute of America’s standards. These standards are used mostly to grade diamonds. So, you can be assured of the quality and buy without any doubt.