Why Lab Created Diamonds Are Better Than Natural Ones

Diamonds are fascinating and expensive pieces of jewelry. The unique property of total internal reflection that is responsible for the dazzling shine of diamonds is what people love about this stone. With time, the price range of natural diamonds has skyrocketed. These diamonds are not just expensive, they are also limited in number and very hard to find.

With this scenario in sight, scientists decided to conduct several experiments until they came up with lab-made diamonds. These diamonds are prepared in the labs with the use of high pressure and temperature that forces carbon atoms to build strong bonds with each other.

This is what brings us to a crucial question: Should you prefer lab-created diamond jewelry over natural ones? What makes the lab-created ones better than natural diamonds?

Keep on reading until the end of this blog to understand why lab-created diamonds should be your preferred choice!

Lab Created Diamonds in Dubai
How Are Lab-grown Diamonds Created?

Lab-grown diamonds are just as “real” as the ones found in nature. The only difference that lies is that the former is naturally occurring whereas the latter is man-made.

Natural diamonds are created when carbon atoms are subjected to high pressure and forced to covalently bond with each other. This leads to the formation of diamond, one of the hardest substances to exist in the world.

Lab-grown diamonds are not very different from natural ones. Scientists have developed a way in which they can mimic the natural conditions that are required for the formation of a diamond. Two techniques are mostly used to make these lab-grade diamonds.

Firstly, a combination of high temperature and pressure is used to build covalent bonds between two carbon particles. A carbon seed, taken from a natural diamond is taken and subjected to extreme pressure and temperature to create strong bonds between carbon atoms, creating tiny diamonds.

In the Chemical Vapour Deposition method, also known as the CVD method, this high-pressure arrangement is fed with high amounts of carbon-containing gasses such as methane and carbon monoxide. This entire setup is placed at a temperature of 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. This gives rise to tiny diamonds that are created under extreme pressure and temperature.

Why Should You Go For Lab-Based Diamonds?

1) Environment-friendly

Natural diamonds can make an exquisite piece of jewelry. However, the environmental losses that are caused by the mining of these stones are tragic.

The mining equipment, regular uses of explosives, extensive waste production – all of these can take a toll on the environment.

Lab-based diamonds, on the other hand, are created in the safety of a lab under a controlled and highly supervised environment. The manufacturing procedures of these diamonds are purely chemical. Hence, it does not affect the environment in any significant way.

As sensible citizens of the world and responsible buyers, it is our responsibility to choose a product that does not cause any lasting damage to the environment. We must always remember that there is no planet B.

2) No Labor Exploitation

The unethical work procedures and exploitation of labor in the mining industries are not unknown to the world. Many gold and diamond mines have been known to have exploited poor people to work for them. Not just that, mines also use child labor as a part of their work.

Child labor is an illegal activity globally. As responsible citizens, we must not consciously choose to use products that have exploitive capitalism at its very core.

Lab-based diamonds are not manufactured in this way. Only expert technicians and highly qualified chemists work on these projects, making the source of these diamonds very ethical. This is another reason why you must go for lab-based diamonds over the natural ones.

3) Sensible Pricing

Owing to the high demands of diamonds in the market and a decent number of suppliers of the same product, lab-based diamonds are not categorized as “rare” substances.

This has significantly aided the reduction in the prices of these products. The market for these stones has been rising. Most manufacturing companies have been competitively pricing their products and giving away hefty discounts to grab the attention of the customers.

This has been a blessing in disguise for customers looking for dazzling diamonds at affordable prices!

Lab Created Diamonds in Dubai
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